Stening® “Y” Paediatric Stent

Code YP4


The tracheo-carino-bronchial paediatric YP4 stent from Stening<sup>®</sup> functions are quite similar to the adults’ version, although its dimensions are clearly lower.

With thin walls and great plasticity, it conducts the air by its bifurcation towards the source bronchi. It does not have external anchors and its fixation is exclusively anatomical.

  • Tracheal or bronchial compression combined.
  • Airway obstruction of diverse aetiologies.

Stening Y Pediátrico esquema

For its collocation you need to introduce the prosthesis inside the bronchoscope, gathering its bronchial brunches.

Then, the trachea will be intubated with the bronchoscope stopping it before you reach the main carina. After that, push the prosthesis with a forceps. Other useful methods for the stent introduction had been described before.

The removal is equal to the others described for all the silicone tracheal prosthesis.


The intubation will be performed with a tracheoscope. The extraction is simpler. The stent should be taken by its proximal edge with a strong forceps to gently remove it by pulling on it and removing the prosthesis along with the tracheoscope.

  • Perform nebulisations whenever the secretions appear.
  • Perform a periodic check-up following your doctor’s advice.

The product should not be reused because this can cause cross contamination.


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