Stening® Tracheal Paediatric Stent

Code SP


Small diameters, short length, thin wall, very flexible and transparent. With spurs arranged in a linear and opposite way.

  • Tracheal or bronchial compression.
  • Airway obstruction of diverse aetiologies.

Esquema Stening pediatrico recto

The procedure will be carried out under general anaesthesia.

Orotracheal intubation will be done with a rigid bronchoscope. The required length and the stent diameter should be properly determined.

The prosthesis can be folded and inserted into a previously lubricated prosthesis ejector, then expelled into the airway and close to the area that will be treated or apply it directly with the bronchoscope, sliding the stent its inside. The removal of the stent also requires access to the trachea with a rigid bronchoscope.

It is doubly simple because of the tiny dimensions of the device and, secondarily, the growth of the paediatric patient makes the stent able to free itself spontaneously.

An alligator forceps or similar will complete the removal manoeuvre.

Other implant and removal methods are possible depending on the surgeons experience and preferences.

Perform a periodic check-up following your doctor’s advice.

The product should not be reused because this can cause cross contamination.


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