Subglottal Stent

Code SG


The subglottal stent presents an 8 mm section on its proximal edge where its wall’s thickness is reduced. Throughout this section, its normal wall, of 1.5 mm, reduces its thickness gradually until it ends.

This wall’s thickness decreasing achieves, on that edge, a surface of low resistance on the stent. It is meant to occupy the subglottic region, close to the vocal chords. This design allows the stent deformation during the laryngeal movements and the glottal dynamic during swallowing and phonation.

The stent fixation on the trachea will be carried out by the remaining walls of the prosthesis, of a standard shape and width.

The use of the subglottal stent can be preferred for other locations such as the middle or lower trachea or even in the source bronchi, replacing a classical stent.

As it can be understood, when this stent is implanted in the source bronchus, with its “subglottal” edge in the proximal direction, the transition from the bronchial mucosa to the stent inside will be very smooth, without the “step” that accompanies the classical stent. That could help to reduce the turbulence of the air flow and the secretions impaction.