Paediatric Tracheostomy Cannula

Code: HB


Flexible silicone cannula of small calibers and external prolongation with adapter, for a connection destined to air supply enriched with oxygen, humidified or both. The prolongation of the cannula reduces the transfer of the movements of the connection provided by supplementary oxygen or the nebulizer.

  • All the ones from the tracheostomies in paediatric patients.
  • Tracheostomy with connection to humidified oxygen supply.

Keep the neck in a hyperextension position. Use a viscous lubricant. Insert through the tracheostomy hole. Fix it to the neck with a bandage without adhesives, maintaining in it enough tension so that a little finger can pass between the bandage and the neck.

  • Replace the gauze that separates it from the neck’ skin at least once a day.
  • In case of noisy breathing, sanitize by instilling sterile saline solution and aspirate gently with a thin catheter not exceeding its length along the length of the cannula.
  • Consult your doctor immediately.
  • It does not have an inflatable balloon to close a circuit of mechanical respiratory assistance.
  • The product should not be reused because this can cause cross contamination.