Tubular Laryngeal Stent HB

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It is a device made out of a radiopaque and biocompatible silicone.

It is intended to act as a support for the laryngeal anatomy after surgical reconstruction procedures.

It can also be used in the treatment of laryngeal, tracheal stenosis or in the combination of both.

It has a stopper that allows the occlusion of its proximal end, to avoid aspiration towards the airway in cases where this is required.

  • After the laryngeal reconstruction surgery.
  • Laryngeal stenosis.
  • Laryngeal stenosis or combined.

Stent Laríngeo Tubular HB

The Tubular Laryngeal HB Stent is especially useful in long stenosis and should be implanted by the surgeon during the laryngeal reconstruction procedure under open air and under general anaesthesia; practicing preferably an anterior laryngeal fissure. However, surgical techniques have been described endoscopically in cases of laryngeal paralysis or pure glottal stenosis.

After positioning the stent, it is fixed with a capiton point, remaining in the airway for an approximate period of 8 weeks.

It does not require extra cares, just the ones carried out in the postoperative of laryngeal surgery.

The product should not be reused because this can cause cross contamination.

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