Tracheal T-tube

Code: TM


The Tracheal T-Tube makes possible the maintenance of an adequate calibre in the airway. It can act as a support for the tracheal wall in the stenosis treatment.

There are many types:

  • Classical
  • With a larger inferior branch.
  • With an external branch XL.
  • Paediatric T-Tube.

The latter possess an external branch with an angle less than 90°, to facilitate the suction and cleaning. The external branch of the Tracheal T-Tubes prevents displacement and permits the aspiration of bronchial secretions.

Both internal branches must be suctioned. A thin catheter connected to the aspiration system can be used. To guide the catheter in the upper or lower direction within the Stening® T-tube, the external branch can be tilted in the opposite direction to the one that is going to be suctioned.

Aspiration can also be done with the help of a flexible bronchoscope.

Once the aspiration has been completed, the external branch must remain permanently closed, with the lid provided for that purpose.

In this way it will be possible to inhale air with the humidity and temperature as a result of its passage through the upper airway.

The printed number indicates the external diameter, in mm, of the intratracheal branches.